Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Drawing and Colouring Tools

I have been drawing. And colouring. Like an advanced kindergartener, equipped with professional tools. Huzzah!

My must-have drawing pen: Micron. I have the 0.1, 0.5 and 0.8. 

I purposely bought professional colour pencils. Guess what, the pigments were as rich as Faber Castell's. Maybe just slight variation in the hue. There were actually less colour variety for the professional brand (Derwent). 

Same richness.

I even bought a professional eraser. My Faber-Castell eraser did the job equally well, and true enough, it was dust-free. If you're going to erase a lot, please do your fingers a favour, get the Faber baby.

When my kindergartener complained about how tiring colouring is, I scoffed. Now, I do realize he is right. Colouring IS tiring! Oh my fingers!

My newfound hobby. Maybe I might make a colouring book.


Shruti said...

Hello ! I'm from India, and just thought I'd drop a comment and say I love your blog ! :)

Ally said...

Hello Shruti! Thank you, so nice of you!