Friday, February 14, 2014

Marriage and Anti-Valentine's Day

I am usually filled with love. But today, and for many days before this, I am not.

When you're married with children, you stop celebrating love-related days. There are only birthdays because the kids want cake. Some couples are lucky to spend some nice quiet time with each other after the kids are in bed.

Last night, on the eve, I was alone. The hubz was attending some CNY dinner after golf, so I didn't see him the whole day.

And tonight after work, we are going to his golf buddy's house for BBQ party with other buddies and their families. No candlelights, but lots of beer. Which I don't drink.

V-day has slowly become an insignificant day. The only one that mattered was the one in 2004 when he proposed to me. This morning The Flying Dutchman said that this is the day where you put your woman on the pedestal and show her your love. And I'm thinking, what the, no such thing la you gullible girls out there. I mean yea, enjoy the attention while you still GOT IT, and then it will become a day you sulk and get angry because you feel cheated.

Wow I'm really feeling all the angst and negativity about love nowadays. And it feels awesome. It's just great to be feeling something again and I don't care what it is.

I don't want to compromise, I don't want to be understanding, I don't want to be NICE anymore.

What an F day.

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Lokman said...

Time to have a heart to heart talk with the hubz before it eats your cheery self away.