Friday, November 18, 2011

Hari Raya Haji

I live in Malay-predominated suburban estate, so every year during Hara Raya Haji, a sacrifice ritual takes place at the field very near my house. It's so near, I just took 10 steps to snap this. This is the lorry that ferried 13 cows to this field very near my house. Or 14.

The boys were fascinated. It's not everyday we see real LIVING cows that moo. Darren can moo very well now.

So come Sunday afternoon, they were all gone. Although they were very near my house, I did not hear ANYthing. No loud traumatizing moos in distress. It was that peaceful. I'm thinking, we should all start eating halal meat from now. The animals are peaceful when slaughtered. Maybe some of that peaceful energy is transferred to the consumer. Interesting thought?

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Lokman said...

It's never peaceful for any animal to be killed. Someone has lost it's father/mother/child. There's always fear before an animal is killed and the fear is reflected in its eyes. Somehow the animals have the instincts to tell that their days are ending.