Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Once upon a time, I walked into a Feng Shui shop and saw this lovely pair of white clay elephants.

I was told that they are a symbol of conception. Ah perfect!! We were trying for a second child anyway, for what seemed like an eternity. These cuties were placed in the bedroom. That month I conceived. Coincidence? Who knows. I still keep them now, but NOT in the bedroom. They make lovely decor pieces.

I have been enchanted with elephants since! And when I'm enchanted, I create!

And these are some of my favorite picks from etsy.

Cute elephant applique baby suits from tadpolecreations.

Hortence J Pacadorf Photographic Art Print by GrandOleBestiary.

Eco Friendly Canvas Tote Bag by PaisleyMagic

Even silver rings! This is by CuteAbility.

This One Of A Kind Elephant was sculpted entirely from wool using the needle felting technique! By FarmGirlArts.

Carnival Circus Birthday Invitation cards by Peppertowne.

Made from socks! By TashiBear. I'm going to make one!

And who can resist these cute baby shoes! Huh?Huh?! By BusterBooKids.

Last but not least, me bought this cool little wallet from DearSukie.

Elephant overload! Heehee.

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