Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Daniel

I saw you in your graduation gown, up on the stage with all your friends, singing and dancing to a song which says "I Am Ready".
I held Siri above my head, trying to record this priceless moment of you, my flesh and blood, the one who changed my life in one second, the one whom I never knew I could love so instantly and intensely at first sight. Yep, that's you. As the song went on.. " I Am Ready..."... "I Am Ready"... memories of your six years flashed in mind. HOW DID YOU GROW UP SO LIGHTING FAST! And now you are ready to face the world and the future ahead, while I am standing by behind you, forever in support and love.

And then tears filled my eyes. And I recorded a few seconds of the plants below the stage instead.

I'm glad you still have a bit of the baby cheeks and fingers so I'm going to smooch you until you don't want me to.

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