Monday, January 19, 2009

Cool Breeze

I just invented a nickname for our government. WOW. Stands for Why Oh Why. It can also be just 'wow', like in "WOW! Which stupid bastard could come up with things like that! Amazing!"

Actually I have no complaints about the new CIQ Complex except for the bumps. They KILL the low-skirted cars.

The weather has been gorgeous lately. I've been enjoying the evening cool wind and sunset at my patio. It was so lovely I had to take Daniel out to the playground. There were some older kids playing there. He was hit by the swing... KAPOW! Twice. Kesian.
This little bitch on the swing who hit him, said "Padan muka!". He fell, got up and looked so pitiful. But it was amazing to see that the two became friends after that. As if nothing happened. He even followed her to the drain to pee.

There I was, observing and wondering for the first time. How well will Daniel mingle with children of other races. Of course, this is a irrelevant question because children, by nature, are not racist. Indeed they were not. It was funny though, when Daniel first tried to play with the Malay boys, one of them yelled out "Budak Cina! Budak Cina!" It wasn't a hostile cry. It was like an informative one, like "Hey, here's someone we never met before and he's Chinese!" I laughed in my heart.

Daniel soon mingled into the 'gang'. Though he couldn't speak Malay, and they couldn't understand his "Wakamamanowamee..aku?", children have one language in common. Play. Daniel just spoke to any kids there, in the language he is just starting to familiarize with. Just main gasak. Manawakamominamaku?

Gorgeous evening like I said.

UPDATE: The JB customs CHANGED the bumps!!! I'm impressed. Must thank the big shots who complained.


Kean Hong said...

This "Wow" factor is came from your state's future DPM. Glad he only knew they lack this "wow" factor after KT By-election.

Anonymous said...