Monday, January 05, 2009

Ally's World of Sup Kerang

I forgot I have a blog.

Bo sim eh ok.

Finally I took a break from crafting, and started concentrating on more important things in life like my fashion and shoes. I went on an indulge-shopping spree. I felt like a real woman.

Then I made the biggest decision of my life. I'm now a stay-at-home mom.

For one week. *chuckles*

Daniel attended his first day in Kindeeland today. Second experience since last year, same month. I have been praying very hard that history will not repeat itself. Please no more trauma, no more night terror, no more behavioral changes.

He held the teacher's hand, waved bye to us and followed her into the hall. Some parents stood outside the assembly hall. We didn't. STUPID MISTAKE. Instead, we peeped through the fences and shrubs to see how he is.

He was standing in line with other kids in his class, looking a bit lost. Then he saw his father peering over the shrubs. He started sobbing. He probably thought other parents are around but not us.

This is where I have this to say to all mothers out there. PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS.

I wanted to go into the school compound and join the parents. But hubbie told me to let go.

"Let him settle down", "Let him bond with teacher", "He shouldn't see us"

So we continued being secret agents for another 5 minutes, when I had enough.

WTF i just went in. And that was the best decision made that today. He was us and looked so relieved. He still held the teacher's hand. We told him we would be waiting for him. He nodded and smiled a bit and was led into the classroom.

I hope he's not affected by my stupid mistake today.

Back home, he's still the happy guy I know. So far. *keeping fingers crossed*

Another reason why motherhood is great. I get to play masak-masak without feeling silly. In front of other kids. He cooked me sup sayur and sup kerang.

You know the IKEA stainless steel cooking set? Why didn't we have it when we were young.

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Kean Hong said...

yea, i sent my HH to nursery on monday, cry like little baby for 30min at least, while i waited outside, hiding behind the door, seeing how he adaprt to the new environment. On 2nd day, he still cry for a while, not because of school, but because not his parent (which is me and PL) who fetch him. He complain to PL, i dunwan to sit that aunty car, i want mom to car. her car not nice one, smelly.....all kind of reasons he can thought of. Anyway, kid still kid, by promise him Tic-tat if he don't cry on Wed, which is today, and he did not cry. good......