Monday, October 06, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

The boy has been watching too much TV. Too much Tom and Jerry. So I had to do something more interesting to a 3 year old.

From the box of BUNCHO oil pastel PC gave me back in 1998, I made him these.

First from left. PikPokBuggyWok. A cute bug by day, evil slaying villain by night. Spots on his face becomes his poisonous weapon which he shoots at 380kmh and instantly immobilizes and digests his victims into a pulp of tonic goo which he sips while strategizing his world domination.
Then there's the chick. Got blonde hair OK.
And the Ultraman ( in case you can't recognize, the third one from the left, like duh) is a mistake I know. Where Ultraman got blue light at his forehead wan! Any Ultraman expert care to share your expertise? And oh, the Spidey is a masterpiece I know! I can, like sell it on ebay yeah!

Just goofing around.

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