Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Beach Itch

Every year around this month, I get this urge to hit the beach. It HAS to be September/October when the monsoon is near and the resorts are all booked. I don't get this itch any other months. I have this affinity towards the unattainable and sometimes ridiculous stuff. So, I'll be spending the next couple of weeks resisting this itch coz i ain't go nowhere.

While the itchy fingers surfed some beach holiday sites, I recalled a new boutique resort in Pulau Tioman. Boutique resorts in Tioman or any other West Coast islands in Peninsula Malaysia are literally unheard of.

Lo and behold the Japamala Resorts took my breath away.

It's something you'll expect in Bali or Ko Samui. But it's at Pulau Tioman! Somewhere I can actually get to without flight! We can drive to Mersing and take the ferry. It's so doable!

This place seriously spells honeymoon. But I wanted to include the little noisy non-stop monkey. So I called them up.

Villas and chalets are built on the cliff. Sure, the view could be breathtaking but I don't want to lose my breath catching the little rascal hanging on the balcony. But then so far, he's a sensible kid who is afraid of height and danger so it's unlikely to catch him hanging onto anything . Then again he's 3 and anything is possible. Dilemma!

Oh lordy my entire being is itching with the beach bug!

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