Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Queen of Laziness

I think therefore I am.

I wore my black silk cheongsam top today, for the first time after it's been sitting in my wardrobe for ages. I think it attracts dark aura and bad luck.

First thing in the morning, I found my car blocked by PC's car in the driveway. So, to get out, I had to reverse his car out, park it a while at the side, reverse my car out, park it in front of a neighbour's gate, because all the spaces are taken up, drive his car back into the driveway, then, get my car.

Just when I was opening my car door, my neighbour's auto gate FLUNG OPEN!!! And it's no the soft open type of gate, it's the speedracer swiftster type.

Yes, kena my bumper.

I now add 2 more microscopic insignificant scratches onto my ol' faithful City.

Then my blouse stopped attracting the dark auras.

Another day at work...

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