Monday, August 25, 2008

Daniel is Stubborn as a Mule

Things you should know about me:

1. I am tall. I'm up to mummy's hipbones.
2. I connot pronounte S, F, L, X and Z. When I shout UTTER! UTTER! I mean FASTER! FASTER!
3. I am whiny.
4. I can count pretty well.
5. I don't really know colour yet. Mummy thinks I'm colour-blind. So far, I know purple, orange and black. And the colour of my poo.
6. I love to pretend I'm a crocodile, dinosaur or a puppy, who eats from the floor.
7. I absolutely LOVE bathtime.
8. I just learnt how to cycle. With training wheels. WithOUT my shoes... and clothes.
9. I can swing my own mini golf club.
10. I always say Thank You and Sorry, when I accidently whack mummy's leg/arm/face/nose/chest/belly/back.

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