Monday, October 22, 2007

Are we Alone?

Quote of the day: If you feel like you have not grown up... so be it.

Last Saturday, my dad moved into his new pad. It's on the third level of a three-level townhouse, 5 minutes to his office now. My mom and dad are equal now, super-officially separated. Both living on their own, in a three-level townhouse. This shall be a post on its own.

I took some pictures, but DAMNIT! It's all gone. Either Daniel or my 7 yr-old cousin must've deleted them.

I feel kinda sad. I feel sad when I see old people living on their own. I just can't take it. Sure, my dad is old, but still young enough to work and live independently, but old enough to deserve a complete family's kind of warmth, you know what I mean. Seriously, it's their own doing that they are where they are right now. Nobody's fault, and everybody's fault. What can I do.

When I first visited my mom's one-bedroom cozy apartment, I never realized she got all the work done on her own, perhaps with the help of her Anata, without telling me anything at all. And because she's a woman and woman are usually better at domestic management of the household, I was relieved. She got it going, and I'm relieved because she is also a happier person now.

My dad, oh, he's the typical alpha male. Or so I thought. I never remember him cooking or cleaning. That is why I had a different reaction of him living on his own in a new place. I was worried. Gradually, I realized he does have his own system of household management. It may not be my way, or should I say the woman's way, but it's still a way. His way. Rugged, chin-chai and fuss-free.

Well, come to think of it, my father-in-law is also living on his own now since the death of my mother-in-law November last year.

Everybody's gotta move on hey.

I realized a possiblity too, and this is going to be a spoiler. Eventually, we'll all end up A-LONE.


Angeline said...

I know how you feel dear. Maybe one day when we find ourselves all alone, we can still go out for coffee together...alone doesn't have to mean lonely, right? Still can have lots of friends.

Ally said...

True. Some say, the best company is our own.

Kenny said...

Family is more than a small circle of blood sexual relation. All living thing will go back to the maker but remember. You still can play Sony Playstation even if nobody is around anymore.

Damian said...

Hi Aruri,

I think the ways of buddhism does have its benefits.
You dont know me, I am a friend of Kenny Tan who is coming to UK to complete his PhD with his family.
My name is Damian, I am from the UK however, I have fallen in love with malaysia/Singpore since my working there 1998/99. I dont have my own blog site. If you wish to chat feel free to contact me on

Ally said...

Hi Damian, glad you dropped by. I'm a happy Christian by the way. And I hope you will continue loving Malaysia/Singapore.

Angeline said...

a happy Christian, since when?!!!

Ally said...

since i tried to kill myself la. Many doesn't know that. I pray quietly.