Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Home Filled with Old and New Memories

Quote of the day: Be someone you're not for a day, and you'll see how much you miss yourself.

The Indon construction workers started renovation at full gear yesterday. The tiles on the front porch and the aluminium awning have been removed.

And so my dad, more excited than me...
D: Eh, come over after work to clear your room. Throw out what you don't want anymore, keep what you want in a box or bag and put one side.
Me: What about this weekend? *I'm thinking, WHOA, I am prepared for that, but it's going to be a whole day activity*
D: My workers going to hack up the parquet oredi! You want to do it this weekend ah, then few days wasted you know.
Me: !!!!!!! ...... ok lor.

I did the unspeakable. I am no longer the karang guni woman I used to be. I literally took one look and trash away A LOT of things without the usual wishy-washy-aiyer,dunno this is one useful or not in future hor-indecisive habit. There were also many things I could never possible throw away.

My memories. In the form of ..... AUTOGRAPH books! Wah seh, more pictures soon ok! And lots of photos. Photos of myself ten years ago, slouching in school uniform, looking very 'pitiful'.

I also kept many 'love notes', letters and gifts from guys I never dared to go out with because I was clueless and a katak di bawah tempurung.

And I never realized how clueless I was until I saw this. (WC, see, I kept it!)

I didn't realize a lot of things when I was younger. Including how much effort this took. And I will say it now that I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

This has been my room for 10 over years, where I spent my clueless years, daydreaming, studying, sleeping, painting, drawing and more daydreaming.

That was the desk I hid under, and cried for hours during the times when my mother was this angry unhappy person and took it out on me. Once, I found myself so hurt that I pressed a blade on my wrist. Ah yes... that very desk. And if you look very very closely in 10X zoom, on the wall above the desk, etched are the words "I HATE YOU". Frankly speaking, I forgot what it meant and why I did it. Anyway, my rubbish=5 black trash bags.

They say public toilets in Malaysia are terrible. This is no different.

We're revamping this one, it's the master bathroom.

Master bedroom, in need of a makeover.

It's going to be a lot of hard work. But I have a feeling it's going to be worth it.


Angeline said...

wow big project. can't wait to see the finished work. Hurrah for Indon workers!

Bubbles said...

Is that your old room in JB where we used to play after school? Wow!

Anonymous said...

lots of things we can find on internet. old friends, fond memories, etc....

Ally said...

The Indon workers deserve a hooray indeed. And lots of 100PLUS drinks.

YES bubbles! That's the room we used to hang out in! It's going to be the little rascal's room now. I hope he will have many sweet memories of it too.

ABANG FEEEE!!!! You found me. It's not easy hiding from peoples these days huh if you're on Friendster, Facebook and have a blog. Anyway, thanks for dropping by. And keep visiting!

Bubbles said...

So u r living in the family home now with your family and your parents both have their own individual places? Wow it's nice to pass memories on to other for them to live it and start their own new ones.

Ally said...

No, i'm living in my 'marital' nest ( just me, the husband and the kid) and my parents have their own places now.