Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Quote of the day: Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place. –Billy Crystal

I AM counting down to New Year's Day. Because we're moving!

Eleven more weekends for me to use efficiently, not counting the long weekend break I will be taking with the hubbie, to KRRRRAAAABI!

I engaged the services of a feng shui master last Saturday for consultation on house29. He's a nice old chap, not the commercialized ones like Lilian Too et al. He's more like the neighbourhood word-of-mouth kind, recommended by my babysitter. For this kind of network, the 'aunties' know a lot more than you think.

Nothing extravagant, just basic feng shui tips that I learnt from him. All he needed was our birth dates, his compass, 'book' and his good sense. I've always believed that creating good feng shui is based on your 'feel' in the house, the way your furniture is arranged, the colour, the exterior, essentially every object in and around your house. It has gotta 'feel' right. Like a good flow of movement. A good CHI / energy.

Well, it's right. An instinctive eye for interior design counts. But there were many little tips that I could not have possible learnt from books or the internet.

The new home faces the South. It's a good direction for the both of us. And we won't get direct sunlight, which means the home will be cool all day. It's true because I've lived there for more than 10 years. Then I moved to my marital home that faces the West. NEVER buy a home that faces the West because it gets bloody HOT in the evening! It also depends on your house structural design. But nonetheless, we get the heat of the evening sun, so our living and dining room is practically a 'stuffy' sauna, unless it's a rainy or cloudy day.

Place your bed in a way that the bedhead is at the East, means you sleep facing the West. This means the sun rises behind you at the start of each day. Anything 'big', 'rising', mountaineous', 'strong support' behind you is good. But NOT in front of you. This especially is applicable in your office or workplace. Anything big in front of you means obstacles in your work. Make sense?

Keep your bathroom doors closed. This is for health. Leaving your bathroom doors open could 'flush away' your children's and your health. Same thing if your bathroom happens to face the main door. Good things that come in, will end up in the toilet.

Your stove and refrigerator should not be opposite of each other. Stove represents fire and the fridge, water. CLASH.BIG.TIME.

If you have a stairwell, keep it well lit. Chi should flow smoothly to the upper floor. And so that you don't slip and fall. Logik la.

And so the date is set. First day of the first month of the year 2008. New beginning in a new home. Pictures I promise. By the way, as important as it is, good feng shui doesn't guarantee that you'll strike the Toto or something. I believe it just gives you a good feeling about your home and to prevent any untoward events.


Angeline said...

sheesh...what about a big big monitor in front of me?

i cannot say i'm a believer in feng shui. the last thing i'll do is pay money for someone to tell me where to put my furniture...no thanks, i'd rather spend it on shoes.

Lokman said...

"Your stove and refrigerator should not be opposite of each other. Stove represents fire and the fridge, water. CLASH.BIG.TIME." The actual one is stove facing the toilet which may cause quarrels in the family. The sink or the fridge are ok to face the stove.