Monday, August 20, 2007


Marriage joke of the day: "My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met." (Rodney Dangerfield).

My boy, that clown, said "Yoyee" to me, because he broke a baby einstein DVD, and I was mad at him, and he cannot pronounce 'S' and 'R' yet. Oh, that sad puppy eyes he had. Then he wants to hug me. So cute.

It rained the whole afternoon yesterday, which is perfect for napping, and we all did, Paul, Daniel and I. For 3 hours plus. A quiet home, with only the sound of rain outside. A still home. No loud TV, no banging and clattering of toys, no screaming toddler, no movements, nothing. Pure peace. It's funny how parenthood makes you appreciate every moment of such rarity.

We were still bright-eyed wide awake at 11pm that night. Hahahahha.

On that same day (apologies for the poor sequence), we brought him to the children's clinic for him long-overdue influenza and polio booster jab. This time, he cried for 5 seconds. Before our turn ( wow, great sequence here!), we waited for slightly more than an hour which is quite the norm due to the number of little patients, on a Sunday. The clinic is closed on Saturdays, hence the crowd on Sundays. So, what people usually do, is get to the clinic to register your little patient's name as soon as you wake up, then go for breakfast around that area, and come back to wait.

That clinic's waiting area was filled with what could be possibly 20 plus people. All waiting. Very normal in that particular clinic. There was this Malay family, the kid maybe 3 to 4 yrs old had a kool-aid pad stuck to his forehead, and was walking around and looked quite alert, like a normal kid la you know. They have been waiting as well.

The Grandpa, who looks like the fatter version of Gandalf, maybe more of the Royalty look, came up to the counter and asked in a commanding tone, "What is taking so long? We came here 2 hours ago, and you said there were 6 patients more, so we decided to wait. But it's been 2 hours!". He looked intimidating even without speaking.

The receptionist nurse explained that there was one emergency case that was allowed to cut queue, and ONLY one. The rest are all according to appropriate sequence. I might've thought it was their first time in that clinic, because it IS possible to wait that long especially when it was as crowded as that day. Summore, I think they didn't go for breakfast la, just waited in the clinic.

Then, The Gandalf kept quiet, and continued staring at the busy receptionist, giving the intimidating look.

Names after names was called but it still wasn't their turn. I understand how that feels.

Then the whole family, the very mad mother, the kool-aid kid, the appeasing grandma and Gandalf, all at the counter with the mad mother raising her voice to the receptionist.

The receptionist could only repeat what she had explained earlier. Then the mad mother yelled, "SO, WHAT QUALIFIES AS AN EMERGENCY CASE HERE, HUH? HUH?! IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO MY SON, YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE!"

Then they left. Gandalf left his intimidating message in the Menteri Besar style. "You better be careful you know".

Please, don't do anything to my favourite paed!

What a comotion. I'm sure every adult in that clinic heard it. But surprisingly, the children were still rather oblivious to what happened. Nobody cried or became scared. It wasn't as if the whole clinic suddenly became silent, as the children were still running around. Daniel was watching his baby einstein on Paul's phone the entire time, and we were just in front of that angry family. Is there something wrong with the children? Or just naive?

Also, at this point, I conclude that I cannot be a receptionist. This would've been my answer. "Is this your first time here? This is the normal waiting period on Sundays. I am going according to the list here, first come first serve. If you think that your child needs an emergency medical attention, why didn't you say so?" Man, I would cause that clinic or ANY businesses to close down. I'm not very unreasonable-client friendly am I.

That's my exciting out of this world weekend. How about yours?


Kean Hong said...

i am sick like ....... during weekend

Weng Chung said...

Mr Suker...must be not enough of sleep...taking care of your night... :)

Kean Hong said...

what to do...

Anonymous said...

That scene in the clinic must be scary for your toddler.

And I love that "Yoyee."

My 2-year old, after a few seconds in timeout, stops crying and calls me, "Daddy? Daddy, where are you?"

I come.

He stands and tells me, All done."