Monday, August 13, 2007

4-Days Weekend (S'pore National Day)

Marriage joke of the day: "You know what I did before I married? Anything I wanted to." -Henny Youngman

Phew! I survived! I survived the long weekend! I survived Daniel! Actually, his terrible twos syndrome ain't so bad now. I was all armed and armoured for the battle, thought I should set the foundation right for the long stretch of full days I have with him, but he was such a goodie. Maybe next time. Never know when he'll be a monster again...

So, I gave my IXUS400 a last chance. I charged its battery full, and tried snapping for a while. So far so good. And my lappie could detect it. Perfect for now. So I can show-and-tell what I've been busy with when I have some time on my hand.

This is my little project workshop where all my ideas and inspiration are executed in the form of glorious papers and knick-knacks.

A closer look at my new organizer. Nothing but a combination of cheapo Ikea cardboard chest drawer, transformed into a rojak of colours and design.

A couple of scrapbooking books that I had to import from the US of A. I like the authors scrapbooking style, but there's a lot of writing, a lot of quotes, story-telling and journalling. And they are simple, which is something I like too. But then all my patterned papers will be wasted. And I'm not really inspired to write a lot abou one photograph.. just yet.

Some scrapbook albums I bought. The smallest one is from a kit. All the pages and papers are provided, so you basically just need to paste according to the instruction manual. Of course, the cover design is all up your work, and there are extra stuff you can add to your pages.

It does look very pink huh. Fact is, there are kits for different themes, like baby boys, baby girls, home, grandfathers etc. Hehehe, no prize for guessing which I kit I picked. But not too bad wat, got blue and browns too. There are more pages but not shown here. I'm trying to finish some of the scrappages for the 12' x 12' album, then there'll be more show and tell! It looks quite different from the kit.

So, there. I do have a life. I preserve memories. There's more to scrapbooking than what you see here. Really.

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Anonymous said...

that looks amazing.
you know, when i've thought about you over the years, i've always remembered you as being naturally artistic.