Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Women's Best Asset

Quote of the day: Take your work seriously, but never yourself -Dame Margot Fonteyn

By the way, Dame Margot is one of the greatest ballerina in the 1940's. Which reminded me of the time I took ballet classes for a year when I was 10 or so. Everything we wore were baby pink, and I had fun, until I saw the intermediate students wearing this training ballet shoes that was made of wood at the tip so that it trains your toes to point on the floor when you dance. Those were heavy ugly shoes. So I stopped, and studied science instead.

And speaking of shoes, these are what I own. Funny thing is, out of the 14 pairs, I only wear one pair most of the time. I'm a creature of habit, what can I say.

Too many? Too few?

Some time back, I heard this on the radio. A zoo German is hiring clowns to entertain the monkeys and gorillas, because the primates were getting bored, and displaying aggressive behaviours. And in another part of the globe ie. Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan is named the Most Dangerous celebrity, whose bodyguards need bodyguards. One of her bodyguard quit because he has been under tremendous stress to keep her alive during his shift. She does coke, party like there's no tomorrow, and assaults people. She's one wild child, too much money and fame these kids nowadays.

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Anonymous said...

There is never too many shoes for a gal... always one for a different occasion. Keep it up :)