Thursday, June 14, 2007

Something going on...

I read The Star Online this morning. My heart froze. It's the second case of terror-ride-gang-rape assault THIS WEEK. What made my heart froze was that it happened in Johor Bahru. The places and the roads that are familiar to me. And it happened not at an ungodly hour, but at the hour when the roads are still busy and when people are still seen around.

Before I go on , read this - Another woman gang-raped

Agent Mulder in X-files once said, "To catch a monster, you have to be one".

Or think like one.

Where are the agent mulders in our police force? At least someone has the passion to solve crimes.

What are connection between the two cases? Similar modus operandi. In both cases, there is a man and a woman, in a car. Assailants, in a group of 4, in PARANGS, either ram into victim's car and immobilize it, or attack at a petrol station when the man is out of the car. In both cases, victims were taken on a terror ride to another place, isolated. In both cases, man's leg is slashed when he tried to escape and the woman is gang-raped while he watched helplessly.

Striking similarity if you ask me.

Duh, the police would have figured this out.

Were those victims selected randomly which would be the case of at-the-wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time? Or were they victims of revenge? Or victims of a gang-police showdown?

Why was the abduction committed at a petrol station at 10.30pm when there are people around? Weren't the assailants bothered about witnesses?

Why didn't the assailants kill the victims who could become key witnesses?

Did they let them go so that some kind of 'message' is sent to the police? To the public?

Were the crimes planned by a mastermind? Someone whom the victims offended big-time?

If so, did the mastermind hired a group of foreigners to execute his act of getting even? After all, it's a win-win situation, the mastermind is never revealed, the foreigners get paid a big sum (in their currency perhaps, but peanuts in RM), they commit the crimes quickly, and right now, they are on the way back to their homeland where the police will never find them again.

The victims are left with nothing for justice.

I can't help to speculate that these crimes were committed to 'stir' the Johor Police force. Something going on for sure...

I also can't help but to wonder what took place in the car during the hours of terror-ride? There should be some conversation right? The victims could've asked them why they are doing this. Maybe they were negotiating a deal... a "We'll let you live, if you make the police belive you are raped, make this news BIG, pressure the police, make them see what WE are capable of. BUA HA HA HA HA HA"

Drama drama drama.

But seriously, in times like this, I can't help but prepare myself. I can have all kinds of weapons for defence with me, but will it help keep me alive? And will I be able to think fast enough to react?

The trauma of rape is unimaginable. And I hope it'll never happen to me and my family and friends. But driving pass the roads and the places where it happened, makes me feel eerily close to the crime.

May I survive.

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