Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quote of the day: The new root of evil is drugs...

... in JB. Possibly monopolized by the organized crime syndicate led by Chinese. Thank you KJ for that interesting article that opened my eyes.

Money no longer make you high.

And Enrique Iglesias is a swinging single again.


We've decided to move to my pre-marital home. My dad has his own pad now, a cozier, easy-to-manage two bedroom townhouse nearer to his office. Once he move into his new pad, we will start refurbishing the old, dirty and dull double-storey suburban terrace house. I'm so excited. I love restoring old stuffs and to make it look new.

It's a logical move. I will be relatively nearer to the causeway. My dad, and mom too, will be able to visit more often. Eventually, my father-in-law will retire and move here, and there will be an extra room for him. And we will hire a maid! Oh, perfect!

1. Replace floor tiles in kitchen and the entire upper floor which is originally parquet. Termites problem.
2. Remove wall cabinets in kitchen, and repaint.
3. Replace cabinet doors under the kitchen counter and sink.
4. Fix new stove.
5. Replace tiles, sink and toilet in master bedroom bathroom. Build a counter and cabinet under the sink.
6. Apply fresh coat of paint on iron grills and walls.
7. Polish marble floor.

I love transformation.

Oh gawd, then comes the millions of little things...

I am tempted to build a small dip pool in the garden area. It'll be tight, but very minimal spa-like. It'll be like Bali right at my doorstep. While I'm at it, might as well, knock down the walls, and build extra space, and 5 more storeys. Then buy my neighbours houses, knock down the walls and *alarm clock rings*

That'll be nice huh. Sometimes, I close my eyes and imagine my dream home makeover, it feels so real it's enough. In my mind, I already own it.

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Angeline said...

wat are you going to be doing with your present house?

all you need is money, money and more money.

i'm so tired i can barely think...so cannot say more.