Tuesday, September 26, 2006


NO TEA FOR ME... especially after dinner. Not even the harmless teh-o-ais. But what else to drink at the roadside stalls? And what is better than teh-o-ais to go with the popular Johor Jaya Nasi Lemak.

I tucked myself to bed last night at 9.30pm ( record time!) but woke up at 1 am, and had chicken sleep till 5.30am. In that period of 'active' sleep intervals, I dreamt of my schoolmates from Convent. I was a bundle of nerves, and having a persistant nose block (left nasal passage tend to block more) did not help either. Yes, it is my fault, I brought this upon myself, that is the thing I hate most. I chose to have tea at night and I have not been using my nasal spray for nose block prevention. There. I hate myself.

So in my dreams, I was in a house with some familiar faces. I think this is largely influenced by reading Badgurlsguide's blog which is hosted by a few of my classmates from Sekolah Rendah&Menengah Kebangsaan Holy Infant Jesus Convent. By the way, Holy Infant Jesus was dropped after we left school... eons ago. Hui-hui was back from a long trip and some of us were gathering at the kitchen for a little chat and snacks. She freshened up and appeared in a girly country night-dress. That's all. Yep, all I remembered was that frock. Red and white checkered fettuccine-strapped frilly frock with a few ribbon bows. Something you would NOT wear in reality if you want a good sleep or in front of your hubbie.

Then I was in a cafe ordering drinks, and I met my cousins. And I saw KerHui standing nearby, as if waiting for someone. She looked so beautiful! She had this perfect hair, a half pony-tail and her soft curls fell carelessly by the side of her face. She wore this simple black dress, and her lips was Gwen Stefani red. And then poof! Another sleepless interval.

This is going to be a sleepy day.


Angeline said...

HAHA! That was funny. I cannot have tea or anything with caffeine in it too anytime all day as I will stay up all night. And, funny funny, I too dream of our Convent girls all the time although lately my dreams have been more of the amorous kind - Matthew Mcconnaughey!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm? I, too, have been suffering from sleepless nights lately. Okay. That’s a lie. I’ve always been suffering from sleepless nights. I don’t blame coffee, though. In fact, I drink coffee to put me to sleep.

Weird, huh?


A Few Bad Gurls & A Good Man said...

yooo...whatabout me and a frock??!
langgar sial...