Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Birth of A Celebrity

One of the big news in the entertainment world recently was the first public photos of Suri Cruise on Vanity Fair, a beautiful baby girl of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, born April this year. Amid their joyous occasion, there were dumbfounded speculations and gossips about her and her entire family.

You won't believe what some stupid blardy people can say about her. Here are a couple of the most ridiculous ideas I have ever read:

1. She doesn't exist. She was photoshop-ed. Tom and Katie faked the whole pregnancy and baby stuff up for a publicity stunt. Wah lao eh. Those commenters have no life whatsoever. Even if if it's true , we should at least give them the credit for the brilliant entertainment stunt, no? And then we'll all learn that Photoshop can give us that translucent oh-so smooth fair skin.

2. She has ASIAN features. She has Asian ancestors. She will have Lucy Liu's eyes in years to come. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Those people obviously have NOT seen an authentic Asian bebeh. Real stupid. Imagine little Suri going "Papa, why people so jia lat wan, nia seng go and talk about me lai dat. Basket case la they all" Now, THAT is someting worth a million dollars.

This is the beautiful Suri Cruise. Dark thick mane, blue-eyed beauty. Gosh, she's just gorgeous!

Now, THIS is an Asian baby... my Daniel of course la, hehehe. Almost the same age as Suri when this picture was taken too.

Hold on, oh my sweet mother of cow, do you see a freaky striking resemblance?! They look so good together hor! Except the hair of course. I promise, Daniel wil have a head full of thick black healthy shiny Pantene hair. How? According to Chinese tradition, I will rub his head with brandy. You see, I was a totally bald and ugly baby girl for a year or so, until my traditionalist grandma did that stunt on me.

It worked.

There were some more comments on baby Suri but I was just too amazed to read on. So hurtful. I hope she can have a peaceful painful-gossip-free life, but it is an impossible mission.

Anyway, not all babies are blessed with thick wild mane like hers at birth. Daniel's hair is not even close to what she has now.
See la...


Kean Hong said...

at least daniel's hair can grow longer... Henn Henn hair not even 2" long after full moon....

Ally said...

Got rub X.O. or not? Any brandy also can... try la.

Kean Hong said...

fews time oredi...even after botak his hair.... good la, he know parent earn very susah, help me to save few ringgit every few months...