Monday, June 05, 2006

Shoe Madness!

Yah, I went mad. Why? Jusco sale! 3 pairs of new shoes at half price. Xiao xiao xiao!

It's not about the shoes. They represent the rare freedom I had, which is, a day entirely for myself. No work, no 10kg moving bag of rice clung to my hips, no housechores, no nothing. Just a day of leisure where time is endless, and your world revolves around what you want and nothing else. That, my friends, is rare freedom. And I celebrated it with 3 pairs of shoes...and a bag, and a top. Hehehe. Quality shopping spree is the true retail therapy, so womenfolk, try this, deprive yourself for almost one year, then launch yourself into the shopping mall one day, particularly during hot sale season. It's better than sex.

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