Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Focus on Being

During a small-group exercise at a seminar, the group was asked to introduce themselves without referring to their occupations. The challenge was to explain who they are instead of telling what they do. It was not easy to focus on being instead of doing.
Dr. William H. Thomas, a geriatric specialist, has pointed out that babies begin life by being. As we approach adulthood, the emphasis shifts to accomplishment. Then, as we grow older and our energy wanes, we must refocus on being. “Elderhood brings us full circle,” Thomas says, “to a life that favors being over doing. This is a gift of great value.”
We can't help but live in the race of our lives. Most people would agree that they live to work, work to pay bills, pay bills to sustain their livinghood and comfort, and then they can focus on what they want to do in life. But we will never finish paying our bills as long as we live, so when can that eventual dream come true? And in that race, we sometimes forget who we ARE, and focus on what we DO,DO,DO and what we need to DO. In reality not many people have the luxury to focus on themselves because of various commitments around them, but amidst hardship, some learn to also take care of their spiritual selves and that is one of the most useful survival skill in this fast and ever-changing world. I think being is being happy.

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