Monday, April 10, 2006

Water baby

On Saturday, we brought our little barb to the pool. After a couple of minutes being fascinated and stunned by the 'feel' of the pool water, he started flapping his arms and splashing the water, then crawl, then stand while supporting himself at the side, and cruising to the deeper end, while splashing. This fella loves the water! He had so much fun and was probably over-tired that he had nightmares that night, woke up several times from 5am to 7am, crying, then going back to sleep as if nothing happened... Could be due to the teething as well, his upper 'rabbit' teeth is growing out, and he's been drooling and biting everything. Also, since last weekend, we've witnessed his first unsupported stand. It's amazing, how babies learn all these skills which we take for granted. :)

1 comment:

Kean Hong said...

actually after how many month baby can start play water, swimming???