Friday, April 28, 2006

Traffic Lights in Our Lives

Not many people put up this face when they have to stop at the red traffic light. We encounter 'red lights' everyday, in our daily lives; on the road, in the bank, at work, at home, in our wallets and in our dream towards better times. I find myself coming back to the same traffic junction time after time, and I'm starting to appreciate the red light. It gives me time to look around and to rest my nerves, instead of going fast-forward all the time, chasing after one another and beating the crowd (desides, we ARE the crowd) Sometimes this red light seem to ask me "Would you like to try a different route this time? Maybe you'll find the better times" *harp plays* But it is human nature to stick with the familiar. I will never get out of this cycle. Right now I'm feeling this impulse to quit my job and go back to JB to work. That's what the red light is asking me too. Should I risk it? I know there won't be a U-turn ahead. Then again, some logic devil is yelling at me "Are you mad? What can JB offer you? Your life will go downhill from here!" That's not true. The light is turning green soon, where will I go? Do I have the guts?

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