Monday, April 03, 2006

Don't Lose Faith, Just Lose Hope

Every now and then the gahmen agencies make overnight policies and announce to the public... just for fun, maybe work overtime can get OT pay. Also, every now and then, gahmen agencies announce one good news to make up for two bad news, just for fun. Or maybe the good news is to 'smoke' the bad news. "Fuel price increase"= @#%&^!... then "Car price drop! Yipppeee!"...then "Higher financing rates"=@#$%&! Let's face it good people of Malaya, we lost, we always lose. But never lose faith. And there are gahmen officers who are also anal-retentive, yes, I said ANAL. This Norfiza woman at MPK (Klang) should sit on the wheelchair for a week before being ANAL to a disabled woman who has to pay parking fines. Dah lah, it's already so difficult for a disabled person to live in this disabled-unfriendly country, she has to pay fine! The public relations officer isn't doing so well with the public I see.. should change title to Anal Officer. I think the disabled should be exempted from certains things, so the Majlis Perbandaran Kah-cheng should reconsider amending their policies.
I wish I could write this to the papers, but don't think they accept words like anal and kah cheng, but the words suit them SOOOOOOO perfectly.

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