Saturday, May 27, 2023

Day Trip in Singapore 2023 - Sentosa Skyline Luge, 4D Adventureland, Headrock VR - Funan Digital Mall - Vivo City - Orchard Road

This trip was 100 percent customised for my boys. I took one week to plan our itinerary and routes, same as when I planned for our Japan trip last time, LOL. Post-pandemic holiday planning is very different, you know. Must have objectives, targets and plan Bs, and mine was:

Objectives: Fun thrills, memory refresher of Singapore and introduction to Singapore's specialty F&Bs

Targets: Sentosa, Funan digital mall, Orchard Road, Mr.Bean, MOS burger, Don Don Donki

I wasn't so anxious about the Causeway traffic this time even though it was the start of Johor's school holidays and also Singapore's one-month long school holidays. We woke up casually at 8am, ding-dong here, ding-dong there and started our drive in. Traffic was surprisingly good; Malaysia customs were clear, and just the usual slight jam approaching Singapore immigration counters. We arrived at Vivo City mall at around 10.30am and headed first to Mr.Bean stall for their pancakes. Boys gave thumb's up, heh.

After brunch, we walked to Sentosa via the Sentosa Boardwalk. I read there are walkalators along the route but when we got there, ALL OF THEM were under maintenance. In fact it looked like they had no plans to make them work again. That part looked like Malaysia. The boardwalk was close to 600m and is sheltered all the way, so it wasn't bad. When we reached the end of the boardwalk, the area looked abandoned. I couldn't find the way to enter the Resorts World Sentosa, and no one was around so I got a bit creeped out. We walked further and it was a relief when I saw some humans at a distance! Really, it was a rare sight to see an area without any people, IN Singapore, that was what creeped me out.

Once we got in Sentosa, we sprang into action. First in the checklist, Skyline Luge! It's a fun thrilled activity where you sit on a luge and ride downhill on 4 different track variation, relying on gravitational pull, and at the end of the ride, you return to the starting point by chairlifts to repeat the ride if desired.

Looks like this.

I got them the 4-in-1 ride tickets for S$35/pax at the counter. Many holiday-planning experts book by klook as it is discounted, but I didn't want to risk it, manatau tak jadi masuk Singapore. By the way, I came across this news that Skyline Luge is set to open in Malaysia end of 2023, hurray!

Next, they watched two 4D shows at the 4D Adventureland; the Extreme Log Ride and Journey 2 Mysterious Island. 2 shows for 2 adults=S$61.80. Again, book with klook if you can.

Last activity on the checklist, VR games at Headrock VR. How can we miss this right.
3-games-for-2-pax combo ticket for S$68, plus S$5 for non-playing person aka me.
Daniel only played this Action VR. He said 'the rest looks boring'.

Darren played the Beat Saber and Action VR.

These are the other games that my boys find 'too boring' *roll eyes*

Jungle Rafting

Jump Jump


Zombie Busters

Extreme Train

Storm Blizzard. If you love to experience super strong wind blasting at you, try this one.

We did it, 3 target activities fulfilled! We headed back to Vivo City by monorail this time (so much faster and comfortable) for some commonly found local food ie. MOS burger and Old Chang Kee.

This boy fell in love with Old Chang Kee's cheesy cocktail sausages. 

Taking the MRT to City Hall to get to Funan Digital Mall.
This is not even peak hour.

Underground link to Funan mall. 

Must have a look at the Singapore-born gaming accessories brand here. 
"Everything so expensive", he said.

Hunting for Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

We saw a girl taking a picture here, and Darren wondered what if he took one standing BESIDE the wings instead. This is him joking around. Hahah, he is a funny guy.

Next, we wandered purposely to Orchard, specifically Far East SC, in aim to find the lowest priced Legend of Zelda game.

A brief walk along one part of Orchard road.

And we found it in Qisahn! It was a cozy gaming shop in this old old shopping building, a stark contrast to the other malls around it, especially ION Orchard. 
Happy boy here.

Mission accomplished! So all we needed to do now is head back to Vivo City. Gosh I am so glad the MRT brown TEL line is in operation now. No need to go through many stops and transfers. It was just 3 stops from Orchard to Outram Park, a transfer to the purple line, and one stop to Harbourfront.

Even though it was just the last short route back, at this point, my legs were starting to sore already.

Last stop, Don Don Donki! The boys weren't as bright-eyed as I thought they'd be, considering it was their first time here, I think we were all very tired already.
I was still excited to be here anyway, haha.

We then dragged our poor sore feet back to my car. The traffic back to JB via Causeway was also surprisingly ok, not the massive type you'd expect on a Friday night, also at the start of Singapore school holidays. 

I thank God for this fruitful day and a wonderful bonding with my boys.

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