Thursday, January 13, 2022

Starting a new life

While many working folks cleared their leaves at the end of 2021 and have begun their Monday Blues at the start of 2022, I have started my indefinite leave days. Gosh it feels so carefree.

I'm into my second week of 'leave' and there is no "Ohh, time flies, my leave will end soon and I will be back to the daily grind for the rest of the year again". I have never felt this pure joy. The days belong to me now. How liberating is that!

Though I manage to steal shake-leg moments in between house chores, I'm starting to appreciate and enjoy the peaceful moments at home, and not working-from-home. I usually leave the TV on, Channel News Asia on default, but recently, I'd leave it off and just lounge on the couch, looking out the house. I was totally immersed in the sight and sounds of my home ie. the huge mango tree rustling in the cool breeze and the moving shadows on my garden. I could just sit there and be in the moment. Now I know what is luxury.

I am also enjoying my clean space! Ahh, all the spring cleaning hardwork paid off. It's great way to start my creative projects. And this space will be in a mess again, heh.

Prayers do get answered...

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