Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Windsor Chair

 Sometimes I feel guilty of my materialistic desires. Like this windsor chair. I had always liked it since many years ago. Then recently, I watched the popular Korean drama Start-Up and in Dal-mi's room, I saw it. Oh, the memories of the desire came back.

But first, I had to find out the specific name of the chair. Without it, I'd be looking for a needle in a haystack. I remembered I had a scrapbook with a brochure picture cut-out of this chair and I found that it was from franc franc, a home furnishing and lifestyle concept store which had an outlet in Singapore long time ago. From that website, I found that it's called the windsor chair. YAY, I have my first lead!

With that specific product name, the world is yours. I first teased myself with Lazada. And my heart jumped when I saw this.

My heart jumped because at that time it was a few days before the 11.11 sale. And the price was slashed to RM264.75, and shipping was RM4.60. I wanted it so much but I made a stupid decision to wait. I wasn't in a rush, I thought. then AFTER 11.11, the price went back to the original. Instant regret? Yes.

Not knowing when is the next slash, I went to good 'ol Taobao. It did not disappoint me. About RM186. 

So I engaged trusty Eazyla as the agent to order the chair, along with some fabric. I think I was so excited that I didn't ask if it is flat-packed. That would lower the shipping cost, and with that price of RM186, I was prepared for another RM100 for shipping, and it would still be cheaper than the Lazada's RM491.80.

Or so I thought!! Well, the shipping came back to RM255. By sea. After negotiation and discount. Eazyla's customer service is really good I must say. They respond fast and always find a way to help you, even in reducing the shipment costs.

Fast forward 4 weeks later, it arrived!

I felt stupid. Why did I waste my precious money on this chunk of a junk.
Then I opened the box and see this.

Maybe not a junk after all.  Was it worth it? I don't know, maybe. But it was a lesson learnt. Be very patient when hunting for treasures online. Why? Because the price was slashed again in Lazada! Huhu..

Love the chair... you'll be seeing more of it as my prop.

ps. It is actually very sturdy and solid, good quality!

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