Friday, January 29, 2021

Khind 3-in-1 Hand Blender Midori Series BH600M - Unboxing and Review

My first video on YouTube. Recorded and edited by Darren using iMovie. Are a lot of 10 year-olds this tech-savvy? Yes. Yes they are.


I was looking for a good chopper/blender which comes in all-in-one kind of package deal, and after searching around in Lazada, I had my eyes on the Khind 3-in-1 Hand Blender Midori Series BH600M. I tried to find reviews for it but there were practically none. Maybe this model is considered new in the market? I don't know. So after having it in my cart for weeks, I finally got it for a good price of RM83.99 at Lazada. Yippee!

So, to help others make decisions easier, I made this unboxing, mini tutorial and review video.

In my opinion as a moderate home cook, this rocks. It chops, blends and whisks.. I like the all-in-one deals. It has a strong motor. Few seconds of chopping does the trick. And it comes in my favourite colour. Mint! Yep, it's minty to me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ally, have been following your account for ages. Could I check if the chopper function is able to chop shallot fine enough for it to be fried in oil to crispy rather than into a slushy rempah consistency.

From your youtube video (thank you for doing that!), it looks as if it would be more of the latter.

I am trying to make crispy chilli oil but do not have the patience to hand slice my shallots!

Thanks in advance.


Ally said...

Terribly sorry for the super late reply! I'm really bad at catching up with comments.

It is able to chop shallot fine enough for it to be fried, as you can choose the motor speed and the duration. Hope that helps!