Sunday, December 15, 2019

Of peace and joy...

I just want to remind myself the feeling of peace and joy I felt this weekend.

I started work at a new company this week, on 9 December. There were so many emotions on my first day; excitement, nervousness and uncertainty. I also felt lonely, naturally, as I have not yet warmed up to the people and culture. It is such a stark contrast to my previous life where I walk into the office or lab every morning and just felt at home, like I own the place. It will take time. But most of all, I had hope. I felt like I am now free from the negativity and fear.

So, on Friday, at the end of work, I breathed a sigh of relief that I survived the first week. Actually, there weren't anything to survive, really. I just had to go through their orientation program which is basically a welcome speech by the director, office tour, meeting the people, getting a laptop and setting up accounts etc. And taking online courses on Environment Health and Safety before I can step into the laboratory. So, it was quite a sedentary week.

Traffic back to JB was quite OK luckily. I got home and we all went to Midvalley Southkey for dinner at Texas Chicken. There was Chrismassy feeling at the mall already. I managed to get a 2020 planner from Muji. Yes, I'm a planner girl! I hope to improve my journalling art.

Perhaps the best feeling is cooking a nice meal for your family. Yep, nothing beats this feeling. So I managed to grab some fresh produce from the wet market while Darren had his piano class on Saturday morning. Then a nice lunch with mummy dearest at Warakuya. We all know we go there for the massage chair and fruit cocktail in the waiting area, heehee. Oh we don't mind waiting at all.

Then we got home and I reorganized my craft table. Again, reorganizing something always gives me pleasure. Throwing unused things, clearing more space, putting things in places they should be and knowing where everything is, always gives you a psychological renewal and closure.

On Sunday morning at 12.30am, we all went out for McDonald supper! This is rare. And such a carefree feeling to know that you can sleep in the next day. And, it has been raining for days, including throughout the morning. It is such a contentment to sleep in on such cool and rainy mornings!

I woke up this morning and made pancakes for breakfast as requested by Darren. While the rest was still sleeping in, I had a little time to myself. All this feeling of peace and joy just filled my heart.

How did I get here? It is Psalm 143:8

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