Sunday, December 08, 2019


It has been quite a fruitful holiday this past three weeks. My last day in BTI was 12th November and I have been cherishing every moment of my freedom. I don't know why but the thought of finally having a break after 19 years of working in BTI, I felt it wasn't enough. I want more! Oh dear I'm so greedy. I know it's enough. Three weeks is just right, any longer and I will never want to go back to work, tee hee.

The first few days was very relaxing. I did the house chores as usual, then I just put my feet up and watched TV or napped or did nothing. My gosh, the luxury! It felt SOOOO liberating having nothing to do. This will be my retirement.

But being me, I started doing something, then it led to something else, then I started a checklist that needed to be checked. Then I started feeling busy, and having the pressure to check my checklist off before I start work. Then I started to hate myself for being so busy when I should be putting my feet up and doing nothing for three weeks. Hahah. Sounds familiar?

Anyway, I am happy that I accomplished quite a lot during my break. Here's my checklist.

1. Holiday with Mom.

2. Watched Julie&Julia movie.

3. Redecorated and reorganised parts of my home (this is always my to-do list every year break)

4. Fixed my bicycle.

5. Revamped my sewing machine. The surface was peeling off a lot and the wooden board that supports the main sewing machine was getting flimsy so I replaced the entire wooden part for RM280. After servicing the machine, the sewing was soooo smooth and quieter! I should have done this a long time ago.

Love this rug from IKEA. I finally have a reason to get it.

6. I cooked. I actually love to cook too. I tried this new recipe from a book that was sitting in my kitchen for ages, and I nailed it!

Potato noodle in cream, bacon and mushroom sauce.

7. Visited Toppen, the new mall beside IKEA.

8. Visited Kluang for their Railway toasts, and Aw Pottery and bought this wabi-sabi cup.

9. Fixed Daniel's iPhone home button and replaced the screen protector. Also registered a sub line for him. He has data now, yippee!

10. Holiday with Dad, the boys, grandma, uncle and cousin.

11. Made my first sashiko and french linen hobo bags.

12. Made some pouches.

13. Set up gaming PC for the boys.

So happy that I'm driving an SUV. We lugged the SKARSTA desk and MARKUS chair home.

Our IT and Digital Entertainment room. This FRIHETEN sofa bed pulls out to a comfy spot for the whole family during movie nights.

I thank God for all the blessings. I'm really grateful I was able to fulfil so many wishes and checked so many lists off my checklist. Until the next big break!

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