Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Ayer Hitam - Kari Kambing 40 Hair & Aw Pottery

Jalan-jalan at Ayer Hitam. I just love the charm of small towns. The husband brought us to Restoran Kari Kambing 40 Hari, popular among bikers taking road trips, he says. I'd say, it is popular among ANYONE taking road trips. Waze probably gets a lot of instruction to go there.

Queue is pretty long on weekends, but it moves fast.

There's a sitting area like this if you want to eat the traditional way.

Crowded on a Saturday.

I think this is why it's unique. If you have your family with you, yall can eat together from this large dulang (tray). We ordered the mutton & chicken set. The mutton's tender and the rice is awesome.

Next stop, Aw Pottery. This place is historic apparently. My classmates has been here when they were younger. This was my first time here. Quite a magical place.

 The garden.

They all say the highlight is their toilets. It really is! The walls are handmade with bits and pieces of clay and tiles.

The ladies' washroom.

This is their main hall, displaying their products for sale.



More kitchenware.

The workshop.

What's fun about here is that you can make your own clay creation. RM22 per 0.5kg of clay. And you can literally sit there the entire day!

The husband and I joined in and made these. These are air-drying clay, so they will be left to dry for at least 3 weeks before we go back and paint them. Can't wait!

This is the place to go if you just want to get out of the city and immerse yourself in chillax art.

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