Monday, July 24, 2017

MUJI Opening of Flagship Store @ Plaza Singapura

I think this is my favourite brand now. But only during sales.
MUJI opens its flagship store in Singapore, at Plaza Singapura. 
I took half a day off to check it out, something I rarely ever do.
Picture bombs!

There must've been an opening ceremony at the atrium.

Some exhibition at the atrium. 

I heard their skincare products are not bad. I have yet to try.

 I have always loved their kitchen/cookware. All so miniature.
One each please!

A special series.

This is what I actually came to see. Their exhibition. It really brings out the material obsession in you.

 This leather sofa is SGD$5990.00

Another special series.

Storage baskets.

Their customer consultation area. It's like Japanese IKEA.

They also offer embroidery services. There are many different designs to choose from on a booklet, ranging about $3-$5 per design. Alphabets too!

I have yet to try their food.

The queue to the cashier. You can't see the cashier from here.

So I came out empty-handed, except for these. Hehe. 
Oh ya, I forgotten about their stationery section which I absolutely love as well.
I will definitely go back! 

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