Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Flowers In The Window @ Jalan Dhoby Johor Bahru

I've passed by Flowers In The Window numerous times before, and only after my dad told me they serve good beef noodles there, I stepped in. 

Cozy, relaxing, filled with dried flowers and plants, and retro stuff, this little space immediately reminded me of myself when I was young, because I used to press flowers and collect dried plants as decorations. 

Psst..this is what I came here for. 
The well-kept secret of the beef noodle that is almost equivalent to the famous one at Bukit Cagar.
The portion was generous. I've forgotten what the Bukit Cagar one tasted like, but I can say this one's good too, except that the beef chunks were a little tad bigger for my liking.  And it's a pity there was no soup. But all in all, I'd give it another go!

After that you can go for soft-serve and ice-cream up the lane. Love Jalan Dhoby!

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