Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Index Living Mall - Home Furniture and Household Store @ AEON Tebrau City

Within 10 seconds in here, you'd immediately see that it's an IKEA wannabe. Good effort. But of course, no stores can ever be like IKEA.

The concept is pretty similar. There were displays of room settings, like the dining area...

... living rooms...

... and the marketplace.

I kinda like this chest of drawers.

More areas...

Very nice collection of household storage. I like the natural and neutral colours.

Trolley racks... nice!


Stationery / desk storage.

Goofing around on the beanbag. They sell bean bags and nice covers too.

Scandinavian diningware set. A nice housewarming gift!

For the nursery.

For displays.

Their bathroom set.

Dining table set.

Johoreans are going to be spoilt for choices!!

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