Friday, May 12, 2017

Overhaul My Heart

22 April
- submit car to FA Wagen for checks. Symptoms: loss of power, engine a little shaky,  catalytic converter warning light briefly flashing

27 April
- FA Wagen informed that engine needed overhaul, compression test failed. Quoted 30K for complete overhaul if required. First cardiac explosion (me). The husband says his racer-mechanic friend can do it. "I'll take care of it", he says. Pulse came back with a tingly warmth.

29 April
- towed to racer-mechanic's workshop. Sobbed a little.

1-7 May
- car still untouched. Racer-mechanic friend has a race event. Will be free after this, he says. Second cardiac explosion.

8-14 May
-"Oh, they have a race in China this weekend. Will be free after this." Third cardiac discharge. Pulse is no longer with tingly warmth, now turbulent with toxic fumes diffusing out of my burning scalp.

I NEED TO pray for patience PUNCH SOMETHING. PMS, you are not helping.

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