Monday, July 18, 2016

Pekan Nanas Seafood & Fishing Garden

Some weekends ago, we tried a new seafood place in Pekan Nanas. The husband said that this area is now easily accessible since the Nusajaya highway was built. By the way, Nusajaya is now Iskandar Puteri.

There is a fishing pond at the restaurant, so it's quite a fun pre-dinner time activity.
RM20 per hour. You'll be given a rod with line, and some worm baits. The guy will hook the worm for you first, and off you go!

Some jolly kind folks offered us gonggong.
It was my first time eating one! They said the snails were just simply blanched with no seasoning at all. It was amazing! In case you don't know what it is,
"Laevistrombus canarium (commonly known as the dog conch or by its better-known synonymStrombus canarium) is a species of edible sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc"
Taken from wiki.

This is the Asian escargot. I must say, it was gooood. 

There is also a charcoal BBQ pit which is free for use. You can bring our own seafood and cook there! How awesome.

 The prawn fishing ponds.


After the husband and the boys caught 5 prawns, we settled down for dinner. 
Among what we ordered, pineapple lobster and spring chicken.

This place is really a hidden gem!

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