Monday, July 18, 2016

Coiled Rope Vessel and Cement Cross Fridge Magnets

Ah, where was previous zen creations. Here's a peek at the processes.

Quite tedious, this one. I found a couple of metres of cotton rope coil in my twill stash and gave it a try. Using a glass jar as my mould, I start coiling from the center of the jar's bottom, with UHU glue. Those ribbons is to facilitate easier removal of the rope vessel later.

Hmm, don't know why it looks senget here. 

Turns out the UHU glue was not holding the coils well, so I decided to hand stitch all the way up. This one need patience. It felt as if it was endless.
So, not selling this one. Nah-ah. It's MINE.

Next up, cement cross magnets.
I put up a search request for this IKEA ice cube tray on Faebook. It's not available anymore in their stores by the way. And a friend had one to give away! So down it came from KL to my craft station.

First, I marked a height in each of the moulds so that every magnet is about the same thickness.

Then I poured the cement grout mix. Forgot to take a picture. Basically it's mixing 1/3 cup of water with 16 soup spoon of cement grout powder. Mixed until it is the consistency of a toothpaste.
After the cement mix are all in each moulds, I place a small piece of magnet in the center and adjust it so that it's flat and even. These are super strong magnets from Daiso.

After curing it for 2 days, the crosses are removed from the mould. They come off quite easily!
Then I sandpaper the sharp edges and also uneven surfaces to make it smooth and flat.

Lastly they are painted in acrylic paints.

Quite easy to make!

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