Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Naughty Nuri & The British Circus

Quite a happening place that Naughty Nuri's. So we celebrated Daniel's birthday there because the waiters sing their birthday theme song for the lucky folks.

Ambience was very relaxed and festive. They blast fast happy music and the staff dance and holler around. Only the cool Filipinos can pull this off.

Food wise, it is uniquely Indonesian Balinese. Their signature dish is the pork ribs. Oh-so tender. Pork knuckle was so-so. The fried rice was awesome.

Rice with Fish. Can't remember the exact name.

 THE Pork Rib.

Bacon Fried Rice.

The naughty family.

Last weekend we managed to catch The Great British Circus at Sutera Square. The boys enjoyed it. It is quite rare to have a circus come to JB, so I think this is was a good opportunity to see it. I was being very good by not taking any pictures throughout the show but I couldn't resist the last one! 

The interior. 

The climax of the circus, The Globe of Death!
In the end there were THREE motorcycles inside going vroom vroom vroom around and around.

It's still showing until 19th June. Go catch it!

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