Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Productive Weekend

I just love weekends that are well-utilized AND relaxing at the same time. It's so strange, it felt like there were a lot of activities going on, yet a lot of time to chill. Is this some kind of twilight time-stretched zone? I don't know, but I welcome it!

So, my last weekend was like that. 

Daniel's drum school had a mini recital. There were just 4 students who performed very short pieces. Just a little exposure for them to experience stage performance in front of a small audience.

Attended the husband's friend's daughter's birthday party at DoubleTree Hilton. She's 3. Uh-huh.

Played badminton and had a walk around the neighbourhood with Darren, while Daniel played badminton and cycled with his neighbourhood friends. This is what I love most about living in a Malay-dominated housing estate. The kampung spirit is still very alive here. Kids playing with each other, riding their bicycles around, going to the park, playing futsal, badminton, feeding stray cats, riding to the petrol kiosk to buy junk food. etc. 

Went to the market with the husband, then to a lovely kopitiam breakfast at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee.. just the two of us.

Collected tickets for the Great British Circus at Sutera. Circuses are so rare now, so I thought it would  be awesome if the boys could experience it for the first time.

Tutored Daniel in Bahasa. To me, this constitute a productive day. Haha. But seriously, I feel very contented if I manage to teach him something. Even if it's just a page of a workbook. Yesterday, I made him remember a few commonly used peribahasa. A day well-spent.

Hand-painted and made a confetti spots zipper pouch for an Etsy buyer.

Had my car serviced and all 4 tyres changed.

Waterplay and swimming at the club. The same pool I used to swim in since I was a tween. I just love the familiarity and the nostalgia of the club. Guess what, everything is still the same! Apart from the renovated pool and the new wading pool design, the surrounding remained unchanged. Same clubhouse restaurant, same bathroom, same floor tiles, same lights, same feeling. 
Yesterday, Darren achieved a new mini-milestone in swimming. A few weeks back, he swam for the first time, but not the proper way where his head was kept under water all throughout. So yesterday, after much persuasion for weeks, he did the dip-lift-breath action. You know, the practice where you dip your head in the water, then lift and take a breath, and repeat the whole thing for as many times as you can while holding the pool edge. We're getting there! 

After a comforting hearty porridge meal at Gu Zhao Ren Taiwan Porridge, the husband bought home a pack of DURIANS!!! I don't what is your version of a perfect day, but to me, this is THE perfect day!

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