Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Zoom Park Johor

UPDATE: Zoom Park is relocating, until further notice.

This is one of those things that baffles me... I live here and I don't know about this place! I found out about Zoom Park Johor on Facebook when a friend liked their page, showing a National Day promotion of RM58 for 2 pax. I was like... there is a trampoline park in JB?? Ally... Ally...

So... go lah! Last weekend, after brunching at The Brew's Orchestra (previous post), we dropped by to surprise the boys.

Jump and flip into the sea of cube foams... haha.

Darren pretty much decided this was his favourite. He jumped, landed on a sitting position and bounced back up... and repeated.

See the girl sitting up there? She stayed there for almost 30 minutes because she didn't dare to jump down. A few friends climbed up to cheer her on, but to no avail. Hahahaha. Eventually, the park marshall 'ordered' her to come down, and she took the plunge.

Let me tell you what I observed. I don't know if it is a general thing or just this group of youngsters.

The ang moh and Malay kids really play. I mean, they jump, do back flips, somersaults, dives, all those gymnastic stunts.

The Chinese girls there jump on one spot, do cutesy in-the-air poses for photos. And giggle giggle. Aduhai mak engkau.

Anyways... we'll be back there!

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