Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DIY Foam Stamps

Finally, a DIY craft project! I felt like I've been cooking a lot, more than I was crafting lately...
So last weekend, I made these simple foam stamps for myself and for Darren... he likes stamping! So cute, he even drew the shapes (copied me) on a sheet of paper and requested me to cut them.

This is such a fun and easy project! And the materials are cheap and easily available. That is, if you have Daiso around.

Essentially, you need wooden blocks ( I got a dozen from Daiso, measuring 3x3x3cm), foam sheets, a good sharp cutting blade and imagination!
I drew some shapes directly on the foam sheet and cut them out. You can also use punchers.

A good source for basic shapes is in Microsoft Word Dingbat fonts... I selected my shapes and adjusted the size so that it is slightly smaller than 3x3cm. I used the ruler guide to estimate, and did a test print in light grey shade so that I don't use up a lot of my black ink. When I'm happy with the size, I printed again on a thicker cardstock, then cut them out. These became my templates to trace on the foam sheet.
Then simply glue the cut out foam onto the wooden block. I used 4 surfaces and left two sides opposite each other empty for my fingers to hold, this makes stamping easier.

Christmas theme stamped wrapping paper.

Darren made me a sweet card :)

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