Monday, May 11, 2015

Ride With Me, Draw With Me

First of, I seldom blog about my boys anymore. I used to blog frequently about Daniel. About the fun things we do together and his milestones. But internet is a weird place. I have heard about photos being stolen and used for undesirable activities, locations and identities being risked and all, so that scared me a bit. It's being in between "Bah, nobody reads this" to "OMIGOD, someone will come and find us".
Drama hor?

Anyway, my boys are growing up so fast bla bla bla. You know, in some remote province of Jimbulu Des Castello. And their names are George and Charlotte... ahem.

This five-year-old charm just rode the bicycle without the baby wheels, for the first time! I was just as elated as when Daniel first rode the bicycle too. Ah, the milestone, the joy and pride.

And my ten year-old Daniel is becoming a tweenager. Gah! The rebellious streak has started.. the roll-eyes, the silent respond, the grumps, the anti-everything, the Animax channel lover, and MOST of all, the but-Darren-did-this-did-that.

OH, the brotherly fights. I can't stand it!  It breaks my heart when they are in a nasty verbal exchange. I guess I should be lucky that they have never had ANY physical fights... errm, so far. Nope, no punching, no, biting, no pinching till skin breaks, no hair pulling, no kicking, no slapping. And I love them for that.

Deep down I think they love each other, and when they get along once in a while, it warms my heart.

Gosh, I wanted to say that Daniel enjoys drawing these days... the sibling rivalry distracted me. So, he feels good that he draws quite well. The other day, he drew the Hulk and Ironman toy figurine they got from TGV Avengers Combo Set promo, and I thought his drawings were awesome! Well, in an amateur kind of way. (photos another time)

Then a couple of nights ago, as we were all drawing on the dining table, I asked him to sketch my portrait. You know, I was expecting something like a Disney princess...but....

Without further ado.

Now that broke my heart, because I've always thought I was a beautiful woman. At least add some eyelashes la! 

Ha ha. Till the next update...

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Anonymous said...

You are an incredibly beautiful woman and your son is very artistic. I stumbled across your blog this evening (Atlantic, Canada) while looking for information on mixing quickrete (instant cement mix) with bentonite. I want to make garden stones with rhubarb leaves as the template. Never mind? I got stuck in here and couldn't leave....but now, I have to. Ally, you're a wonderful writer with an incisive sense of humour (U.S. spellcheck there). I laughed out loud a lot. I didn't want to leave without thanking you for all of those moments. Extraordinary life - amazing family. Your story here is beguiling (in the positive sense). Bookmark this gem! Take care of yourself.