Thursday, May 21, 2015

Life's Lacklustre

Today, I feel...

... like I'll never amount to anything in my life. I blame the media. Articles like "Most Influential Millionaire Before 40" make it worse. I used to dream big, but it's been too long... nothing is happening, and it is my fault. I have been following several design blogs for a few years now, and I'm seeing how much they have grown and progressed in such a short time. Their blogs have garnered thousands of followers and fans, and then they went on to collaborate with major departmental store brands or they have launched their own brand, wrote a book, went on book tours, had babies, took awesome photos, and living a fabulous life. And these are NORMAL people with good moderate sense, not those ridiculous high achievers with particular psychological traits that enable them to be who they are.

I guess I'm not bold as I should be if I want to achieve bigger things.


I wrote the above yesterday. And today I saw this:

Dang, someone beat me to it.  It looks lovely from the photo, something I envision for my own dream shop as well. And it is on Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. Can you hear me scream?

So there, midlife crisis is stabbing me again. Look what people have done to achieve their dreams, they opened a shop! At the most hippy location in JB! Selling lifestyle concept products! That was my dream too!

And here I am... not chasing it as hard as I should. I think this just kicked me in the butt. 

I will be visiting. And maybe I will start doing something to that dream of mine...

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