Monday, September 01, 2014


My father is a smoker. My husband is a smoker. And now that my smoker father-in-law has kind of moved in, I am feeling 'it'.

If I have a mole on my body that indicate I am surrounded by smokers, I will remove it. Without pain killers. Hold on, are they given in the first place?

All of a sudden, I have this rage against smokers. All these while, I said nothing, in fact, I accepted it. But lately, I am mad!

It takes a smoker to understand smokers, I know that. But I think smokers must also accept what a non-smoker thinks and feels. Right? So, here is what I think...

1. Smokers are self-indulgent. They will satisfy their craving regardless of anything.
2. Smokers have a weak willpower. The really addicted ones.
3. Smokers don't care about children.
4. Smokers get mad when non-smokers complain about them. Oh, this one really gets to me. They ask for understanding when we complain, but they don't spare a thought for the people around when they smoke! Like WTF!

I don't know how other folks succeed in making their partner's quit. For those who succeed, it is usually because someone in the house develop asthma, usually kids. And I can foresee that if I enforce in full gear, the smoker will get mad because I didn't use the soft approach, you know, the gentle coaxing and reward bullshit system. Seriously. W.T.F.

There, I've said it. After all these years.


Anonymous said...

They can smoke in the porch or garden (outdoor). Give and take policy. No smoking inside the house. Its bad for for everyone..


Hui Ching said...

Buy a gas mask from Taobao. Like the Nippon Paint commercial.