Friday, December 13, 2013

Still searching...

Found this inspiring article on finding your life's mission.


.."Rabbi Nivin offers two methods for discovering your mission:
  1. Ask yourself (and write down): What were the five or ten most pleasurable moments in my life?
  2. Ask yourself: If I inherited a billion dollars and had six hours a day of discretionary time, what would I do with the time and money?
When answering the first question, eliminate the universal transcendent moments, such as witnessing the beauty of nature or listening to music. Your mission, of course, may have to do with nature or music, but on a much more individual level than the high all people feel when they see the Grand Canyon. Although your mission may require hard work or genuine sacrifice, when you are engaged in your life’s mission you experience, as Rabbi Nivin puts it, “This feels so good that I could do it all day long.”

"One more point: Fulfilling your individual life’s mission does not exempt you from your global missions, such as supporting your family or raising your children. Starting an outreach center for the elderly may have to wait until your children are grown. Writing that book on internet addiction may have to be tucked into your few spare hours after your full-time job. Don’t worry. The God who assigned you your mission will make sure you have everything you need—including time now or later—to fulfill it."
I'm still thinking about the answers to the two questions. So far these are my answers:
1. What were the most pleasurable moments in my life?
-whenever I make my children happy.
-when I surprised Daniel with his room makeover.
-when I design and make something.
2. What will I do with the time and money?
-surprise my mom with her home makeover (her kitchen needs it)
-open a retail shop featuring designs and products from all over the world (home and stationery)
-design and find a production factory 
-open an art & science fun centre for children
-find an old house for sale, revamp and redecorate it, and put it up for sale.
-help poor children with special needs

I WILL start somewhere. And the first step is usually making that life-changing phonecall or email.

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