Monday, February 18, 2013

My Garden and Patio

Pebble stones can do wonders to a garden. They just add the ZEN factor!

Before Zen-Inducing Magic Grey Tones Pebblicus Awesomnia

After Zen-Inducing Magic Grey Tones Pebblicus Awesomnia

Before Cozy Circle Tea Patio

After Cozy Circle Tea Patio. See those dark brown brown pair of chairs and table? This set cost RM300 from one shop in Perling, and RM450 from another shop in Nusa Bestari. I am so glad I'm that bitch who does my research before buying anything.

My succulents, aloe vera and mint plant.

Spider Plants, or Chlorophytum comosum. In 2008 NASA conducted experiments to determine which plants did the best job of cleaning air in enclosed spaces and found the the lowly spider plant not only generated oxygen and removed CO2 in relatively low levels of light, it also has the remarkable ability to trap and absorb many toxic pollutants such as Formaldehyde (found in sofa pads and under carpet pads), Trichlorethylene (used in glues used for making plywood and gluing down linoleum, ceramic tiles and used in paints), and benzene. It was rated in the top three plants tested by NASA for air pollutant removal. Good for homes with smokers... heehee.

I don't know man, but it feels great lounging outdoor.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,

Does these pebbles need maintenance? I mean, are they loose pebbles or they are like stuck on the floor? Also, may i ask what sort of tiles you have on your porch? They look like those less slippery tiles. One final question, do you have any contractors to recommend for like tiling job and those porch walls.


Ally said...

Hi Sally,
Those are loose pebbles which comes in big bags of 20kg, or smaller bags. You can find them at nurseries that sells outdoor 'accessories'. I bought 3 bags and scattered the stones on the side space. Easy peezy!
The tiles on my porch are outdoor tiles, and yes, they are not slippery like the indoor ones or marble :)
As for contractors, I'll get back to you! Mine was made by my dad's workers few years ago, but he doesn't do home reno now, only swimming pools :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,

Thanks for your reply. Please do not trouble yourself if you don't have the contact number. I just thought you did your renovation recently, so I casually asked.

Wish you a great week ahead.


Jeremy Beauregard said...

You're right, Ally; pebble stones can do wonders to a garden. I have pebble stones in my garden as well. Instead of having plant boxes, I use them to border a cluster of plants and to line the sides of the brick walkways.

Unknown said...

Pebbles are great to use as home decor. And they aren't just to improve a garden's look. Other homeowners also use them inside the house such as the living room. They are being placed in the center table together with scented candles or with flowers.

Helene Raymond @ Trade Squad