Thursday, February 28, 2013

How To Print A First Aid Cross Pattern Card Using Eraser

I have always adored the Swiss Cross shape that I used to make many pouches of it for my etsy shop.

That adoration came back and I thought I should make a card and see how it turns out. I tried carving the shape using Speedball Speedy Carve Block ( the pink one ) but I just couldn't get the straight clean corners and lines. I shove that project aside for weeks until I found this eraser. So here how it goes:

What you need:
-Broad flat eraser, that will be the size of your cross.
-Cutting blade. You don't need the expensive fancy carving set.
-printed cross shape. I used the shift semicolon key (:;) of Zapf Dingbat font. Type in a few font sizes and choose your preference.
-cutting mat
-ink pad. I use Tsukineko Versamagic Red Magic ink pad.
-cardstock. Postcard size, folded.

Cut out the cross shape print and stick it onto the eraser.

Slice slice slice!

Ink it up and stamp!

I wonder what a multicoloured cross pattern would look like :)

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