Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rawa Island Revisited!

I must say, after 3.5 years, Rawa beach hasn't changed! And it's a good thing. The sand is still powdery white, the shore is still azure and the facilities are well maintained, in fact there is a new little shop selling beachwear and other necessity, and a snorkel rental counter.

The jetty.
That mega orange slide is a new addition, but it's not complete yet. The smaller blue slide is still there. You slide from the jetty platform down to the sea. How awesome is that.

The entrance to the main facility; the restaurant. Food is second in priority here because all that playing in the beach makes you really hungry. The food is considerably good for a simple beach resort like this. Lunches are buffet style. They serve rice (but of course), an assortment of pasta, some finger food like nuggets and fries, fancier main dishes like beef stroganoff, chicken and mackerel in sauce names I can't remember because by then my eyes were already blinded by the white sand, ladies finger in sambal sauce (wah this one I like), fruits, local pandan cake, and many others. You play hard and eat hard. Saturday nights are BBQ nights.

Our beachfront chalet.

This unit comes with a double bed and single bed. The others have two single beds. Thank goodness I managed to get this one. The wall hanging sucks big time but who cares...

...because the view from the bed is LIKE.THIS.
Ok this picture not so good but you can imagine the view. OH.

Basic furniture. A dresser, two chairs we never sat on coz what's the point, the beach is out there! And a closet big enough to fit clothes for one month.


The bar. Alcoholics welcomed here.

The ping pong table is still around. Good fun.

TV lounge area. The couches are pretty worn out but no big deal, the beach is beautiful. There is ASTRO so the boys could watch their cartoons at night.

Quite a number of picnic tables and benches along the beachfront area. And hammocks too, they are clean and NOT torn, and I find that amazing.

OK, get ready. THE BEACH!!

Just can't get enough.

Further along the beach. Another resort, more rugged and basic.

My boys having fun.

Darren is a wanderlust. He has the tendency to wander off by himself. He just keeps walking without looking back, and considering this is a safe beach, I find this so adorable. There he is, playing by himself.

The husband doing a single somersault dive. I never knew he could do this!

Under the jetty. Many folks hang around the shore close to the jetty because there are many fishes and small crabs there.

The father and son kayaking.

The swing in front of our chalet.

The resident peacock. We saw a white one too, absolutely stunning, but I couldn't take a picture in time.

The happy and contented beach lovers.

I am impressed how well maintained the beach and the facilities are. Didn't change much compared to our first Rawa Island trip back in October 2008. The only big difference was the tides. Back then, the tide went very low in the evening that it was impossible to swim. Now, the tide is pretty consistent. In the late evening, the tide went down just a little bit, and you can still swim. Now we know!

Definitely will go back!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,

Thanks for sharing some travel tips. It's really a beautiful place.

Your photos are looking good too. May I ask what camera are you using to take them.


Ally said...

Hi Sally,
I use Canon EOS 450D :) The photos are UNEDITED!! That's how beautiful the beach is!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,

Thanks for your reply and sharing of information re the camera.

I hope to go there one day.